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Trendy microcement with a raw texture

Sichtbeton gives your walls a stunning industrial look of freshly poured concrete. Choose from three modern concrete colours.

  • Robust look of poured concrete
  • Suitable for wall finishing
  • Easy to apply and ready in no time
  • Available in 3 modern concrete colours
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Robust industrial look resembling a poured concrete wall

Available in various colours

Suitable for various indoor spaces (except wet rooms)

Easy to apply and dries quickly: ready in no time

In 5 Steps a perfect result!
Step 01

Smooth the surface and apply MCG primer. Do you have an absorbent substrate? Then dilute the primer 1:1 with water.

Step 02

Divide the surface into sections and cut the film to the desired size. Of course you can also use the standard size.

Step 03

Mix the Sichtbeton with water and, if desired, pigment. Apply the mixture with a notched trowel and smooth it with a spackle knife.

Step 04

Spray the wall with a release agent and apply the film. Smooth the wall over the film layer with a blunt plastic trowel.

Step 05

Remove the film the next day. Allow the wall to dry further. Then mat it with a special pad if necessary.

Sichtbeton 18
  • Robust look of poured concrete
  • Suitable for wall finishing
  • Easy to apply and ready in no time
  • Available in 3 modern concrete colours
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Hospitality and retail

Your business’ ambiance is key to your success

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Sanitary fittings and bathrooms

Luxurious can also be very practical

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Living spaces

For walls, floors and home accessories in every interior style

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Sleep in a robust, stylish space

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Office and workspaces

Work was never this satisfying

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Gyms and sports facilities

Robust look and hardwearing

Sichtbeton colours

Sichtbeton is available in three modern colours: light grey, mid grey and dark grey. You are very welcome to visit our showroom, so you can see the colours in person and make the best choice.

Is Sichtbeton suitable for damp rooms, such as bathrooms?

No, unfortunately not. Sichtbeton has an open structure and is therefore not waterproof. It should not be used in damp rooms (like in the bathroom or as a rear wall in the kitchen). In those areas, it is better to use Basebeton or Beton Ciré Originale .

Can Sichtbeton be used as flooring?

No, for floors you need to use Basebeton, Beton Ciré Originale or Beton Flow.

What other applications are there for Sichtbeton?

In addition to walls, you can use Sichtbeton for surfaces such as a mantelpiece or windowsill. This way, you can in no time create a stunning look for your home.

How many colours can I choose from?

You can choose from three contemporary and neutral concrete colours. If you would you like a different tone, please let us know. We are convinced you can find one that matches your interior.

How can I best prepare the surface?

Make the surface smooth, clean and dust-free. It depends on the substrate whether and how you should level it and which pre-treatment is required. Consult our manual , watch our instruction video or ask us for advice.

Should I remove the tile wall first before using Sichtbeton?

Not if it is stable. However, the tile wall must be pre-treated.

How do I clean a Sichtbeton wall?

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or sweep with a soft brush. After that, you may wipe the wall with a wet cloth, if needed.

Can I paint over Sichtbeton?

No, Sichtbeton has an open structure. However, you can paint over it after smoothing it.

How much do I need?

As an average, 20 kg of Sichtbeton + 8 sheets of film + 0.5 litres of release agent will be enough for 10 square metres.

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Sichtbeton is a top choice for anyone who likes a concrete wall with a raw edge.

This microcement looks exactly like a wall of poured concrete: it is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Sichtbeton owes its robust appearance to the way it is finished. After applying the plaster layer, sheets of film that have been cut to the right size, are applied to the wet plaster. After drying, the film is removed, resulting in a ‘poured structure’. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself: do you see a difference with a real poured wall? We don’t.

Are you in for an interior experiment? Then apply Sichtbeton to your furniture, windowsills or mantelpiece and give them a trendy look. Avoid experimenting in your bathroom, other wet rooms or on the floor, as Sichtbeton is not suitable for those because of its open structure. But don’t worry: we have excellent alternatives for those areas.