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Microcement in your bedroom, isn’t that cold and bleak? No, it really isn’t.

First of all, you can apply microcement on top of any underfloor heating. Furthermore, you can choose from a lot of warm colours and natural tones. In an ambiance like that, you will sleep much better than surrounded by outdated flower wallpaper and that old carpet, don’t you think? Believe us: surrounded by microcement you will feel warm and cosy.

Suitable for bedrooms

All products in our range are suitable for bedrooms. Read the product specifications and make your choice.

Base Beton emmer
Basebeton achtergrond


Basebeton: the ready-to-use all-rounder
  • Industrial robust concrete look
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Sichtbeton emmer
Sichtbeton achtergrond


Trendy microcement with a raw texture
  • Robust look of poured concrete
  • Suitable for wall finishing
  • Easy to apply and ready in no time
Beton Cire emmer
Betoncire achtergrond

Beton Ciré

Authentic elegant concrete look
  • Authentic microcement with a French touch
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture-resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Oxidestuc emmer
Oxidestuc achtergrond resize


Gives your interior a metallic shimmer
  • Metallic microcement with a luxurious look
  • Suitable for walls and furniture
  • Customise the degree of sheen
Stucco Puro emmer
Stuccopuro achtergrond


The decorative concrete-look wall finish!
  • Powdery concrete look effect
  • Suitable as a decorative wall finish
  • Ready-to-use product: ready quickly!
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Ideally suited for bedrooms.

You may be surprised that microcement or micro-topping concrete is ideal for bedrooms.

It’s low-maintenance, because you can easily clean it with the vacuum cleaner and mop. It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it very hygienic when you think about the amount of dust that collects under your bed. In addition, it is hardwearing, stain-resistant and has endurance to external aggressions. This makes it especially practical for children’s rooms.

Which microcement is suitable for bedrooms?

For the floors, use Basebeton or Beton Ciré. These have high strength and are wear-resistant and waterproof.

Basebeton and Beton Ciré give your walls a nice update. Looking for a metallic effect? Then use Oxidestuc. Sichtbeton gives walls the look of freshly poured concrete. Just like the real thing!

Work and desk surfaces in children’s rooms or window sills can be finished with microcement and a special coating. You can also give your staircase a robust concrete look with the same products.

Do you need advice?

Since there are so many variants and colours, we understand that you can do with some advice. We welcome you to visit our showroom (with no obligations) and get inspired. Call us to make an appointment.