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Beton Ciré

Authentic elegant concrete look

Beton Ciré Originale is refined, flexible, highly durable and has an authentic look. You can apply it in every room of your house.

  • Authentic microcement with a French touch
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture-resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Available in 45 natural colours
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Raw, robust and authentic, with a refined French touch

Waterproof and seamless, so also suitable for wet rooms

Available in 45 natural tones: always the right colour for your interior

Suitable for walls and floors in any room of your house

In 7 Steps a perfect result!
Step 01

Smooth the surface and make it clean and dust-free. Apply MCG primer to the wall or epoxy to a floor.

Step 02

Mix cement, water and pigment together with the Resin at low speed. Do not prepare more than you need.

Step 03

Apply a thin layer with a stainless steel spackle knife or trowel. Let the layer dry until it is hand dry.

Step 04

Apply the second layer in the same way as the first layer. Let it dry well.

Step 05

Sand the surface with a random orbit sander and apply a multi impregnating agent. Let dry for 12 hours.

Step 06

Apply the 2K-PU coating evenly with a short pile roller sleeve. Be careful not to create stripes. Do this again after drying.

Step 07

Allow the Beton Ciré Original to cure for 5-7 days.

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  • Authentic microcement with a French touch
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture-resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Available in 45 natural colours
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Hospitality and retail

Your business’ ambiance is key to your success

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Sanitary fittings and bathrooms

Luxurious can also be very practical

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Living spaces

For walls, floors and home accessories in every interior style

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Sleep in a robust, stylish space

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Office and workspaces

Work was never this satisfying

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Gyms and sports facilities

Robust look and hardwearing

Beton Ciré Original colors

Beton Ciré Original is available in 45 natural tones. Would you like to gain inspiration and see in person which colour will best suit your interior style? Please feel welcome to visit our showroom.

Is Beton Ciré Original suitable for damp areas, such as a bathroom?

Absolutely. Beton Ciré delivers a sleek and modern finish to your bathroom, lavatory or kitchen, without joints and seams. This makes it very hygienic.

Is Beton Ciré Original suitable for walls and floors?

Yes, you can use it in all areas of your home, and for both walls and floors. You can also create an amazing look by covering your table or other furniture with Beton Ciré. Beton Ciré floors are modern, sleek and very practical. They are low-maintenance and hygienic, because they are scratch and wear-resistant and waterproof.

Can I apply it over existing wall and floor tiles?

Yes, as long as they are firmly attached and smooth.

How can I best prepare the surface?

Make the surface smooth, clean and dust-free. It depends on the substrate whether and how you should level it and which pre-treatment is required. Consult our manual or ask us for advice. After levelling, cleaning and removing the dust, apply MCG primer. If you have an absorbent substrate, the primer needs to be diluted 1:1 with water. For floors, always use epoxy for stability.

How do I sand the wall or floor after applying the second layer of Beton Ciré Original?

Use a random orbit sander and sandpaper with grit 80-120. Do it gently and do not sand in one place for too long, to avoid bare patches

How do I apply the multi impregnating agent after sanding?

Use a foam paint roller and let the impregnating agent dry for 12 hours.

How do I apply the 2K-PU coating?

Use a short pile roller sleeve and roll well to prevent stripes. Let it dry well and then apply a second layer.

What is the difference between Basebeton and Beton Ciré Original?

Stone Age has two variants of beton ciré: Basebeton and Beton Ciré Original. Basebeton is ready to use, it has a little more pattern and is available in more colors.

How much do I need?

20 kg Beton Ciré Original is enough for 10 square meters.

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Beton Ciré Original is a microcement based on cement.

It is only a few millimetres thick, but has incredible strength and is wear-resistant. Beton Ciré Original gives your wall, floor or furniture a refined French and authentic look.

Beton Ciré gets its characteristic look from the way it is applied. ‘Beton’ means concrete, and ‘ciré’ means something like polished and waxed. Because every installer has their own style, every Beton Ciré wall or floor is unique.

Beton Ciré is popular. This makes sense, because the material is so easy to maintain as it is seamless and has no joints. It is waterproof and resistant to heat and scratches. It is therefore also ideal for bathrooms, lavatories and kitchens.

We offer Beton Ciré Original in 45 natural tones, so you have plenty of choice. There is always a colour to match your interior. If you find it hard to choose, please come and visit our showroom. We will be happy to advise you.