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Gives your interior a metallic shimmer

Oxidestuc gives your wall a stunning metallic effect, delivering an elegant, glamorous look to the space.

  • Metallic microcement with a luxurious look
  • Suitable for walls and furniture
  • Customise the degree of sheen
  • Available in 6 metallic colours
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Luxurious ambience: delivers glamour and shine to your interior

Especially suitable for walls

Available in six metallic colours: matches any interior

Ready-to-use product: easy and fast

In 5 Steps a perfect result!
Step 01

Apply two coats of Ecohecht to the smooth and clean surface. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 02

Lightly sand the Ecohecht. It is best to apply a layer of basa first. You can also use Oxidestuc, but that is more expensive.

Step 03

Next, apply the Oxidestuc, which you spread with a stainless steel spackle knife.

Step 04

When dry, polish the Oxidestuc with 300 to 1200 grit sandpaper. The higher the grit size, the smoother the result.

Step 05

Remove the dust with a dry cloth. Then apply the coating for a stain-resistant and shiny result.

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  • Metallic microcement with a luxurious look
  • Suitable for walls and furniture
  • Customise the degree of sheen
  • Available in 6 metallic colours
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Hospitality and retail

Your business’ ambiance is key to your success

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Sanitary fittings and bathrooms

Luxurious can also be very practical

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Living spaces

For walls, floors and home accessories in every interior style

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Sleep in a robust, stylish space

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Office and workspaces

Work was never this satisfying

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Gyms and sports facilities

Robust look and hardwearing

Oxidestuc colours

Oxidestuc comes in six modern metallic tones: choose warm gold, copper, bronze or rust or go for the cooler aluminium or steel. Feel welcome to visit our showroom and view the different tones.

Is Oxidestuc suitable for wet rooms, such as bathrooms?

We do not recommend it. In principle, it is possible if the wall does not come into contact with water, but we have products that are much more suitable for wet rooms. We therefore advise you to choose Basebeton or Beton Ciré Originale.

Can I use Oxidestuc as flooring?

We advise you to only use Oxidestuc for walls in dry rooms. The product is too much prone to scratching to use as a floor finish.

Which colours is Oxidestuc available in?

You can choose from six wonderful metallic colours: gold, aluminium, copper, bronze, rust and steel.

Can I customise how much shine or metallic effect I want?

Yes, the degree to which you sand or polish determines the final sheen. The metallic effect also depends on the coating you use: Basic Wax is shinier than Basic Coat, for example. This allows you to decide for yourself which finish best suits your interior.

I don't know what sheen to choose, can I see some samples?

Of course. You are very welcome in our showroom. There you can see the different colours and sheens on large samples. That gives a much better impression than a small sample.

How can I best prepare the surface?

You can apply Oxidestuc to almost any substrate. So also over existing tiles. That saves a lot of demolition work. Make the surface smooth, clean and dust-free and apply two coats of Ecohecht. Let it dry for 24 hours.

How do I sand the Echohecht?

Use a sanding machine and 120 grit sandpaper. Lightly sand the Ecohecht.

Can I paint over Oxidestuc?

Yes, but it is actually far too beautiful for that. Still want to do it? The substrate does need a pre-treatment and you may still see the microcement structure after it has been painted.

How do I clean my wall?

Do not use an all-purpose cleaner, but the maintenance kit of Stone Age. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The dirt does not adhere to the coating, so scrubbing is not needed. Never use chlorine or bleach, as these products will damage the coating layer (and therefore your plaster).

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Fancy a little glamour and glitz in your life?

Oxidestuc delivers a stunning, luxurious look to your walls. By how you apply and finish it, you can customise the degree of sheen: from a subtle shimmer to an extravagant glam look.

Oxidestuc is a ready-made product: easy and quick to apply. In no time you can transform any room into a glamorous space. Subtle, by just transforming one wall, or radical, by pimping up all walls. Life is too short to be boring, so get creative!

Oxidestuc is available in six metallic colours. Do you go for gold or do you prefer copper? Or maybe aluminium, bronze, rust or steel? There is always a tone that matches your interior and your taste.

Despite its elegant look, Oxidestuc is just as durable, wear-resistant and multifunctional as the more robust looking variants of microcement.