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Gyms and sports facilities

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You can work out all you want...

... but you’ll never have the same strength as our microcement floors and walls. Floors in gyms and other sports facilities need to be able to withstand intense use. They should also be easy to clean. Our floors meet these requirements. And they are very hip.

Suitable for gyms and sports facilities

All products in our range are suitable for gyms and other sports facilities. For shower rooms we recommend Basebeton or Beton Ciré.

Base Beton emmer
Basebeton achtergrond


Basebeton: the ready-to-use all-rounder
  • Industrial robust concrete look
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Sichtbeton emmer
Sichtbeton achtergrond


Trendy microcement with a raw texture
  • Robust look of poured concrete
  • Suitable for wall finishing
  • Easy to apply and ready in no time
Beton Cire emmer
Betoncire achtergrond

Beton Ciré

Authentic elegant concrete look
  • Authentic microcement with a French touch
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture-resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Oxidestuc emmer
Oxidestuc achtergrond resize


Gives your interior a metallic shimmer
  • Metallic microcement with a luxurious look
  • Suitable for walls and furniture
  • Customise the degree of sheen
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Which microcement is suitable for gyms and other sports facilities?

Basebeton is our power product. It’s a ready-to-use product for finishing walls and floors, also in shower rooms.

This product holds up well, even when used intensively. Running on it is no problem. Sweating is also allowed, as Basebeton is stain-resistant.

With microcement your walls get a contemporary look. Sichtbeton gives your walls the raw look of freshly poured concrete. Just like the real thing and striking in an industrial studio. Do you want your walls to have a fancy shimmer effect? In that case, choose Oxidestuc.

For shower rooms you can use Basebeton or Beton Ciré. Seamless and waterproof. And it can be easily applied to any existing tiles.

And now?

Put on your sneakers and run to our showroom. We will be happy to give you personal advice.