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Sanitary fittings and bathrooms

Badkamer Oxidestuc 2

Is microcement suitable for bathrooms?

That’s a question we often hear. The answer is yes. But there are two requirements: choose the right product and apply it professionally. If you meet these requirements, you will have a beautiful bathroom or walk-in shower that is also very practical. Because there are no seams or joints, the room can be cleaned in an instant.

Suitable for samitary & bathrooms

Below you will find the products we recommend for use in bathrooms. Your wall or floor will be waterproof, easy to maintain and hygienic.

Base Beton emmer
Basebeton achtergrond


Basebeton: the ready-to-use all-rounder
  • Industrial robust concrete look
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Sichtbeton emmer
Sichtbeton achtergrond


Trendy microcement with a raw texture
  • Robust look of poured concrete
  • Suitable for wall finishing
  • Easy to apply and ready in no time
Beton Cire emmer
Betoncire achtergrond

Beton Ciré

Authentic elegant concrete look
  • Authentic microcement with a French touch
  • Suitable for walls and floors
  • Moisture-resistant, also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Oxidestuc emmer
Oxidestuc achtergrond resize


Gives your interior a metallic shimmer
  • Metallic microcement with a luxurious look
  • Suitable for walls and furniture
  • Customise the degree of sheen
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Sanitary fittings and bathrooms

We mentioned it before: a wall or floor made of microcement requires the right product and the right way to apply it.

It can be easily applied over existing tiles. As for the products: for the walls and floors of your bathroom, use Basebeton or Beton Ciré. These are completely waterproof.

For the lavatory, you can use Sichtbeton or Stuccopuro for the wall. However, these products are not suitable for the wet areas in the bathroom. This is because this product has a more open structure.

Free, no-obligation advice?

We understand that you would like some advice first. We have a lot of experience with microcement in bathrooms and will be happy to tell you more. Do you have a contractor or plasterer? Feel free to have him or her call us.