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Basebeton Solid

Basebeton is the ready-to-use concrete plaster, easy to process and apply in no time.

Basebeton Solid is the strongest concrete plaster in the field of floor finishing

  • Especially for flooring
  • Available in 22 selected colors
  • Waterproof
  • Very strong and a natural concrete look
Base Beton emmer

Basa met comp. B

Especially for floors

Waterproof by itself

Available in 22 colors

In 6 Steps a perfect result!
Step 01

Treat the substrate with MCG primer. MCG can be applied evenly with a coat or foam roller. The drying time is +/- 1 hour (hand-dry).

Step 02

Then apply Basebeton Techstone, this one component paste apply with a stainless steel plasterer's knife. Drying time 4-6 hours. It is recommended to sand and dust the technical layer afterwards.

Step 03

Apply the first coat of Basebeton Solid Basa 2K to the level surface. Mix bottle B-comp. with the Solid Basa. See our technical manual on the website for the correct ratio. Drying time 16-24 hours

Step 04

Once Solid Basa layer is dry (next day), the final layer of Basebeton Solid can be applied; the Sense. Apply this layer as thin as possible (0.1-0.5 mm).

Step 05

After the Sense is also completely dry (next day), the Basebeton Solid floor should be sanded using an eccentric rotary sander. (grit size 80 or 100).

Step 06

Finish the Basebeton Solid Sense with a special Basebeton 2K-PU coating to make the surface waterproof and stain resistant. This coating consists of two components and can be applied with a microfiber roller.

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  • Especially for flooring
  • Available in 22 selected colors
  • Waterproof
  • Very strong and a natural concrete look
Base Beton emmer


Basebeton Solid is the harder version of Basebeton. This concrete plaster variant can be applied in the same way as regular Basebeton, only this version is epoxy-based. All you do extra is add to the Basa a comp. B to it.

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Living spaces

For walls, floors and home accessories in every interior style

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Hospitality and retail

Your business’ ambiance is key to your success

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Office and workspaces

Work was never this satisfying

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Sleep in a robust, stylish space

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Gyms and sports facilities

Robust look and hardwearing

Basebeton Solid Colors

This concrete plaster is available in many different colors, including more than 22 unique Basebeton colors. Even RAL and NCS colors are possible, choose the color that fits your project. This concrete plaster with micronized quartz creates a natural and modern concrete look that will suit any project.

  • Basebeton Solid is available on request in the same colors as the Basebeton Orginale

Basebeton Solid

Our extremely resilient floor finish

This type of base concrete is particularly strong and especially suitable for floors. Solid is the harder variant of the Basebeton Originale and is inherently waterproof. The convenience of the Solid is that the Basebeton is applied in the same way. You work with Basa Solid and Sense Solid. The only difference is version is that the base of this type of flooring is on epoxy, during application you only add a comp. B to the Basa before smearing with the concrete plaster.

Basebeton Solid floor can be applied in any room of your project, in both wet and dry areas. Basebeton Solid is very suitable for the floor finish of residential spaces, the office or retail space, for example.